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Will digital art and AI art make conventional artists disappear?

I am so happy to be part of this debate and I allow myself to shout loud and clear!!! These Romans are crazy! - Obelix quote

I wish above all to express that before being a digital artist, I am first of all a conventional artist. I'm a big fan of still-life paintings and farm animals paintings and sculptures. Without neglecting my artistic roots, I started drawing with the first computers on the market with the small program of the time called Paint and also with the first versions of Photoshop. I thank my father for introducing me to technology at such a young age. That being said, I recently had a short message from an artist denouncing AI technology and expressing his disgust at the speed of creation and the fact that artificial intelligence learns from thousands of artists and is inspired by the different creations that exist to create new images. And that was, following the publication that I made of an image that I created using AI technology.

Have we forgotten the methods of artists these days? Haven't we ourselves studied the different artists that exist to draw? Inspired by them and create new works? How is AI so different?

What I did, I gave pictures of myself and a self-portrait I created and had the AI do 50 different renders for me. They are extraordinary and some are successful. Here are examples of renderings that I think represent me well. And they mean a lot to me.

This image was created using artificial intelligence and photos of me and my profile drawing. I am totally mesmerized by the result. And this image I find represents me totally. Me who observes everything and records everything with my photographic memory. I simply love it. I think that a collaboration between me and artificial intelligence is essential. The possibilities are endless and that's what's wonderful. Too many choices, not enough time, too many passions at once. Life is so wonderful and it's great to be able to create new things. What a blessing!
AI & I - Photographic Memory

As it is a collaboration, I consider that the renderings are mine and I owe nothing to this AI in terms of copyright, which in any case generates profits for the creator of the AI.

I must say that apparently, I took part because I am a digital artist myself and I am in web 3.0 and everything that is technological fascinates me. I don't share the same fear and I don't believe that conventional art is going to disappear. For several reasons.

The story repeats itself!

When the technology of photography came into history, Impressionist artists were inspired by photography and became the forerunners of modernism. While we are facing an era of change in the artistic world, it's a safe bet that conventional artists are chattering their teeth at the moment not knowing how to adapt to a change that may seem drastic, while it has been expected for a long time, long by others.

This is a picture of the first camera

Being in the heart of the matter, I was able to note during my research that indeed the digital art market has been on the rise for a few years and has even for the first time in history surpassed the conventional art market. Which is good for me of course.

Another reason why I don't believe that AI will ever be able to completely replace conventional or digital artists is for a simple reason that there will always be conventional art and digital art lovers. And that there will always be a demand for the human side of work and that is obviously the transmission of emotions. This is difficult to do with an AI at the moment since it does not feel and it does not have our instinct or our experience as human beings. AI does not know fear, war, climate issues, love, dance, fruit tastes, sex and pleasure, death, diseases, jealousy, boredom, and euphoria. What we can easily convey with hours of work on canvases or drawing boards and what cannot be conveyed in seconds of rendering from an algorithm.

Those who are afraid have forgotten the essence of an artist and the essence of art. And in another opinion, I'm glad my frustration has passed. To be honest, when computer-aided drafting technology have hit the market, digital arts remained quite unpopular and there was almost no demand. So artists like me, for years, had to learn how to do graphic design, and create websites, posters, digital ads, logos, and business cards for other companies in order to survive. Leaving aside their passions to have something to eat. So, sorry for you conventional artists, but the era of digital art has arrived and AI is part of it whether we like it or not.

The market

Even if the conventional art market is down, it will never go away. I am thinking of the melting pot that will be created between technology and craftsmen. The demand at the base does not meet the same need. And we must not forget that digital art is totally dependent on electricity. Without electricity, my art does not exist. Without electricity, AI art does not exist. My art is not as palpable as a conventional painting or a huge, imposing sculpture. And as long as there are artists in love with the smell of paint pots, creative workshops, worn brushes, cold clay, crusty pants, paint right into the sandwich, and colorful faces, there will be conventional art. And there will always be a market for it and art lovers of all kinds there will.

Picture of Mad Lips 21 made by AI
AI and I

I think the faster artists adapt to change, the better off they will be. And I can't wait to see if history will repeat itself like with photography and impressionism and if the movement will bring a new rebellion on the part of artists. Offering a new chapter in history and extraordinary works that literally come to life before our eyes.

Personally, I found it extremely inspiring and I look forward to renewing my collaboration with artificial intelligence.

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