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The Last City - Unveiling Destiny

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through the remnants of a world on the brink. "The Last City" invites you into a realm where silent forests and dried rivers conceal a city of secrets. Unravel the enigma surrounding the last oasis, where privilege thrives amid a silent planet.

Dive into a tale of political intrigue, rebellion, and the unexpected alliances that shape destinies. As the echoes of a coup resonate, witness the emergence of unlikely heroes. "Unveiling Destiny" is more than a comic—it's a portal to a future where survival hangs in the balance, and the last city guards mysteries that will redefine the course of history.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds, and destiny reveals itself.

Digital art - Image of the warrior Sylo from the comic Book The Last City - unveiling destiny created by Mad Lips 21

Legends in the making

Take a look at the diverse and skilled warriors who navigate the challenges of the Last City's stratified society. Each warrior possesses unique abilities, backgrounds, and fighting styles that shape the fate of the unfolding narrative in “The Last City — Unveiling Destiny.” Get to know the formidable individuals who stand against the impending chaos and unveil their fates in this thrilling sci-fi adventure.

Digital art - Image of the Prince Theodoric Draconis from the comic Book The Last City - unveiling destiny created by Mad Lips 21

Heroes Unleashed

Embark on an immersive journey as you dive deep into the intricate tales of the characters that populate The Last City. This captivating exploration takes you beyond the surface, unravelling the layers of their backgrounds, motivations, and the pivotal moments that intricately define their very existence. Traverse the rich tapestry of their lives, and witness the profound impact they have on the unfolding narrative of The Last City, where every character contributes a unique thread to this epic tale.

Digital art - Image of the comander of the army of Cyborg from the comic Book The Last City - unveiling destiny created by Mad Lips 21

Conspiracies in the Last City

Explore the malevolent figures that lurk in the shadows of 'The Last City - Unveiling Destiny.' Delve into the profiles of the intriguing villains, each wielding unique powers and motives that threaten to plunge the city into chaos. Uncover the sinister plots and clashes between good and evil as we unveil the dark forces that shape the fate of our heroes.

Digital art - Image of Julie Guay's profil the author of the comic Book The Last City - unveiling destiny created by Mad Lips 21

About the Author

Discover the creative mind behind The Last City - Unveiling Destiny! As the author, Julie Guay intricately weaves a compelling narrative that transports readers to a futuristic world filled with intrigue, adventure, and unexpected twists. Delve into the author's unique perspective and storytelling prowess that brings the characters and the city to life, offering readers a thrilling escape into a realm of imagination and excitement. Join Julie on this literary journey and explore the inspiration, passion, and dedication that fuel the creation of The Last City's captivating universe.

Digital art - Image of the alien, the violet vixen from the comic Book The Last City - unveiling destiny created by Mad Lips 21

Astral Alchemy: The Alien catalogue

Jump on an extraterrestrial journey as you explore the diverse and captivating alien species in 'The Last City — Unveiling Destiny.' From enigmatic creatures to powerful beings, each species brings a unique flavor to this sci-fi epic. Uncover the mysteries of the cosmos and encounter characters from distant worlds, adding a cosmic dimension to the rich tapestry of this compelling comic series.

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The Last City - Unveiling Destiny


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