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My name is Julie Guay, a passionate artist at heart specializing in digital art and graphic design. Through my creations, I express my unique vision and burning passion for new technologies and environmental issues. With 15 years of industry experience and being self-taught as a digital artist since my childhood, I have had the opportunity to work on inspiring projects. My approach combines 2D graphic design with augmented reality to create striking results. Explore my portfolio to discover my work, and feel free to contact me for any collaboration or opportunity.

Welcome to the world of Mad Lips 21!

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Julie Guay is the mastermind behind Mad Lips 21, an accomplished digital artist hailing from Montreal. Growing up in a modest family, Julie displayed an early interest in diverse artistic pursuits, including painting, sewing, music, and writing. Her creativity led her to earn a degree in interior and visual design at the young age of 23, followed by a degree in art at 28. Initially drawn to conventional art forms such as still lifes and farm animal paintings, Julie's artistic journey took a digital turn when she first encountered the early versions of Photoshop as a young girl over 30 years ago. Since then, she has honed her skills and expertise in graphic design and brand image design. Today, Julie is a digital artist known for her outstanding works at Mad Lips 21.


The artist's accomplishments revolve around a more office career before she decided to definitely embark on full-time digital artwork creation for the first time in December 2021. Prior to that, her passions had been put on hold to devote herself to the needs of her family. As the craze has been growing towards the digital air in recent years, Julie is making radical changes in her career to do what she is most passionate about in life. Her style, which lies between the contemporary art, the neo-pop art and the partially psychedelic, is inspired by nature, fashion, climate issues and her personal life experiences. The techniques used are mainly computer-assisted drawing. The image created is most often imagined by the artist, who then lets her hand create what the work should be with the help of drawing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook and Procreate and many others. She sometimes likes to create works with darker colors and add touches of light on metallic reflections. She is able to draw like three dimensions on two dimensions. For Mad Lips 21, climate issues are important.


The theme of our first collection is about lips. Hence, the name Mad Lips 21. The lips remind us of the silence of muted people and unspoken suffering, but also of the regaining of power and the broken silence to defend oneself and protect the rights of helpless creatures. It is directly related to the message we want to convey and the community we want to build that wants to help creatures, animals that have no voice and who cannot claim their rights. With every piece of art purchased from Mad Lips 21's store, donations are made to the non-profit organization One Tree Planted and thus a tree is planted somewhere in the world. A first exhibition of the artist's works is available free online. Mad Lips 21's 2022 exhibit exists to mark her return to her passion and the start of a vibrant career in the digital world. A second free online exhibition is Mad Lips 21 - Expo 2023. As a teenager, Julie made her oral presentations on climate issues to raise awareness among her classmates. Climate issues were not a popular topic at the time.


The goal of the artist today is to raise awareness and influence people to change their behavior in the way they consume to help the planet and future generations through her art. Each mouth conveys an important message, but ultimately a message of appreciation for the beauty of life and how important it is to be grateful regardless of our social status. And to recognize the needs of nature and animals that suffer from our ignorance or neglect.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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