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NFT Collections
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The Last City - Unveiling destiny

The only comic book you need ! Embark in the journey.

Digital Art - Crypta Punk Lips Collection by Mad Lips 21 - Lèvres Folles 21

Crypta Punk Lips Collection

The NFT Give away you don't want to miss. 


Token Sheep

The first NFT collection of Mad Lips 21


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The stunning work of art that embraces love and desire.

09JG2022_Lèvres Cactus.jpg

ML21 Collecttion

The best collection of Mad Lips 21 with stunning work of art.

Doc M Neo (1).jpg

Crypta ML21 Fashion


Création sans titre (19).png


Welcome to our NFT drop page, where art, technology, and innovation converge to offer you the chance to collect and own exclusive digital assets.

(this section is under construction, come back soon)

Road Map

Be the solution !

I'm working for mother earth, and she is not paying me anything for it. And here we are, building a community to help the planet we are killing. My goal is to grow a worldwide community so that all together we can build the reality of tomorrow ! A better tomorrow ! ​The art that is created exists to bring awareness to everyone about climate change and to influence them to change their behaviour in the way they consume. Therefore, to help the planet and future generations.

How to be part of this community ? Follow us on every social platform, bring friends and family with you, like and share as much as possible. 

Be part of the best community in the world!

Long term

Our vision is to build a community also in the metaverse. This community will be the reference for everyone in order to find information on how they can make the change, on how they can help and also how they can partner with us. 

We will affiliate with all non-profit organizations and find other companies to promote products that respect the same values ​​of the community.

​The goal is to build a brand that everyone will recognize as being a moral compass, also a comfort and source of inspiration to choose better products and do better in the way we consume.

Our core values

For us, it is very important to work with respect for the individual. The human side is very essential to us. We are very attached to our planet, and we are really concerned about global warming and living creatures who have no voice and cannot manifest to claim their rights. We are concerned about the injustices in this world, and I think it is our duty to bring them to the forefront in every sphere of society and also into the metaverse. Since we are some pioneers in the creation of a virtual world, we must lead by example. 

Please note, none of the images that are created here can be used as a campaign or political propaganda or to raise violent or nonviolent protests to claim rights or to be heard nor for commercial purpose.


Our goal is to bring a community of heroes together. A group of great people, philanthropists, artists, entrepreneurs, business people, influencers and more will unite their force and spread the importance of a change. 

To get the ball rolling and be part of the solution. We are personally committed to donate part of our earnings to non-profit organizations that are part of the solution for tomorrow's world. And as the movement grows, you will have a voice for the voiceless and have the privilege to be part of the solution too.

Investing in the future

The future generations are at the core of the creation of this community, they have a voice too. I bet they have the best ideas to share. So you and your classmates have a good idea of what can be done to change the world and make it a better place, but need a little help. We will help you. You can communicate with us directly. 


You are not so young and also have a great project to submit, please contact us as soon as you can.


Here in our community, all lives matter and all voices are heard.

Short term

As I work hard on current projects, I am looking for investors to finance future projects. The digital art is created with passion and heart. But the best companies in the world, a part of being made with a little craziness, were also made of the best team. We are currently working on building the best team and the perfect business relationships to make this community a success.


We are open to all collaborations, we invite you to contact us as soon as you can. If you have a concrete idea of ​​your project, take note that it is important to share the same values.

Mad Lips 21

Why Mad Lips 21? Why the lips? Why 21? Those are good questions. I don’t want to bring mystery to it, but it will be part of one of my articles. However, I can tell you what is Mad Lips 21. Mad Lips 21 represent the unexpressed suffering. A little like the animals that can’t defend themselves. Animals can’t claim their rights, and they are reduced to silence. But also, Mad Lips 21 is about retaking the power of speech and giving it to the voiceless. It’s about giving lips to those who are muted by nature and giving them the voice they need.

The girl behind Mad Lips 21

I am originally from Quebec, I live in the great metropolis of Montreal. I started drawing before I started writing. Drawing is more than my passion. It saves my life. It is my purest means of expression, connected directly to my heart. Before and during the pandemic, I have been through very difficult things, and I am not one to want to be known for the obstacles I overcome in life. Everyone suffers. However, what matters is how you overcome this suffering, and that's what I want to share with the outside world. I often put others before myself, but Mad Lips 21 is my baby, she is mine, and I will hold her by the hand for a very long time. I do it first for fun and for the cause, and I hope to be able to share the same pleasure and the same vision through my artworks. — Mad Lips 21

White paper

Find out more about our white paper.

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