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White paper

Dear hero, 

here you will find all the information you need about our white paper. Also, you can find great information about what matter the most, planet earth ! And you will see how we plan to help the world.

Ours polaires

The reality today

We are facing no precedent.

What humanity is facing today has no precedent. Never in the history of mankind have we faced the end of what we know since the beginning of time. I’m talking about the genesis of the extension of mankind.


I’m talking about human-induced warming of the Earth system causing the extensions of thousands of species and putting some species in danger, including us. Hard to understand why we have come to this and why the general interest is not mobilized to counter the effects of global warming or try to undo climate change.

Manifestation pour le climat
Manifestation pour le climat

Here are some facts about climate change

Since the industrial revolution, things have started to go wrong for mother nature with the increasingly intensive use of fossil fuels, which are high greenhouse gas generators. Things got worse when plastic was introduced in our daily lives in 1950.


 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950. Global plastic production has increased from two million tons in 1950 to 400 million tons in 2015, according to a study published in the journal Science Advances. And lamentably, only 9 % of the plastic ever produced has been recycled. 91% of this plastic ever produced during the last 72 years is now floating in the ocean or standing on lands of poor countries because the rich and developing countries do not stop consuming plastics items that often only are used once.

This has serious consequences for the biodiversity of the oceans. Many animals confuse their food with the plastic that floats in the water, causing them to die by consuming the plastic that we used and supposedly recycled.

Only 9 % of the plastic ever produced has been recycled

And that's not to mention the cruel commercial fishing that destroys the ecosystem of the oceans, leaving entire families of sharks and dolphins for dead. Simply because 1 single tuna can be worth up to 3 million dollars and the fishes eat our food, so they are cruelly killed. And they have no one to protect them. Our lives depend on the interdependence of the biodiversity of the oceans and the forest. This ecosystem is non-fungible, our planet is non-fungible. To know more about this subject, you can see the following documentary you can find on Netflix: Seaspiracy

The main culprit of biodiversity loss is the continual deterioration and transformation of natural habitats. The increase in the population and its consumption requirements has, each year, a greater impact on natural areas. These are razed to harvest timber or to make way for agricultural production, urban development or industrial sites. Each year, nearly 30 million (29.4) million hectares of forest disappear, approximately the equivalent of Italy.

I can not be quiet about the fact that global warming is melting the ice caps, causing the change in the salinity of the oceans. And creating a deviation in the ocean currents, which are responsible for the global distribution of heat on the earth. This imbalance is causing variances in the jet stream and is responsible for natural disasters that we see today such as tornadoes and hurricanes for example.

Sauvez la planète
Digital art - Polar Bear Lips created by Mad Lips 21

The reality today ...

The general lack of interest in what we are doing to mother earth is alarming. What we see nowadays is always about making more and more money. Forgetting completely the nature of what we are, which is creatures living in a codependency with the nature that we are destroying.

How can we unite to make the changes in our world?

Now we know what is the major problem, and the good part is that there are solutions that exist to counter global warming. But the other major problem is the lack of interest of the global population to put the solutions into places. 

So the question that we should ask ourselves is:

How can we unite everyone to make the changes in our world?

Océan pollué par le plastique
Digital art - Mother earth Lips created by Mad Lips 21

Here is a statement that I found on :


"(...)  At the end of 2015, the COP21 had raised immense hope: "The Paris Agreement is a monumental triumph for people and our planet", declared the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon. In fact, it is not so: the Paris Agreement is already impossible to keep and without means of action. Furthermore, 17 of the 18 hottest years since 1880 belong to the 21st century! Why should it be otherwise when the "voluntary commitments made in Paris to limit greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient to avoid drastic climate change" reaffirmed the members of the BAS, at the beginning of 2016.(...)"

The consequences can be irreversible

If we don’t change, the consequences can be irreversible. And that would lead to the complete extension of mankind. Stephen Hawkings gave only 100 years of life on earth. That is what he said before he died on March 14, 2018. And today, scientists are worried because things are degrading a little faster then they thought. So according to that statement, if I have a daughter next year, and in 20 years for example she gets pregnant, her daughter won't ever be able to have grandchildren.. And that brings me to this simple question:

What kind of grand-parent I would like to be?

Planète en plastique
Digital art - Shut Up Lips created by Mad Lips 21

The solution

Addressing climate change requires a fundamental shift in our consumption habits. The community I am building aims to focus on our current reality and initiate changes by addressing everyday issues and transforming them. By changing our consumption patterns, companies will be compelled to adapt and implement necessary changes to align with sustainable practices.

The first step in this journey is to unite influencers who share a common vision of sustainability. By bringing these individuals together, we can collaboratively develop a comprehensive list of actionable steps. This unified group will communicate consistent and practical solutions to the public, ensuring that the proposed changes are feasible and achievable for everyone. The power of a collective voice can significantly amplify the impact of our message and drive widespread adoption of sustainable practices.

Another crucial aspect is promoting innovation that benefits the planet. There are many existing inventions designed to help the environment, and it is essential to highlight and support these innovations. By encouraging their commercialization, we can make these solutions widely accessible and impactful. Additionally, supporting businesses and individuals who are actively working towards environmental sustainability is vital. By putting a spotlight on their efforts, we can help scale their impact and inspire others to follow suit.

Building and engaging a dedicated community is also key to our success. As this community grows, its influence and ability to effect change will increase. Our focus should be on implementing practical solutions in everyday life that lead to significant environmental benefits. By concentrating on real-world impact, we can make meaningful progress in reversing climate change.

In summary, by uniting influencers, promoting sustainable innovations, and building a strong community, we can drive the collective effort needed to combat climate change effectively. Through incremental yet impactful changes in our daily lives and consumption habits, we can work towards undoing the damage and creating a more sustainable future.

Manifestation pour le climat
Digital art - Ice Berg Lips created by Mad Lips 21

Since this world is going to shift with the new technology such as the blockchain, I want to combine the interest for the blockchain and NFTs with the climate change. I want to lift the general interest on the same level as the interest of the NFTs are. NFTs are getting more and more popular, and it would be a shame to leave our reality behind by building a virtual world that doesn't bring the issues of our home forward or any solution for the future generations.

If we unite to talk about the same solutions, by communicating the importance of appreciating life and by understanding what has to be done individually, the interest to do better will raise and bring change into our world. The more people get into the community and talk about it, the more chances we have to succeed. And I say we, because it's our home, our planet, so everybody has to get in.

My approach is to combine the issues of this world and the beauty of art together. I believe art has a way of communicating things way better than books or scientific facts. Even though we need scientists to bring the statistics to our knowledge, I think to awake our conscience we need the beauty of life, we need to be moved by our emotions to help us remember who we truly are. This is only possible with true beauty of art itself, by the contemplation of the wonders of nature and by learning how to be grateful for it.

Paysage désert

The project

The community that is built is for anyone who wants to do their part to save the world. My project is based on bringing awareness to the entire world and moving everyone to make a change in our behaviour to undo as much as possible climate change. The plan is to offer art to the world and reunite all the influencers at the same table, so we can all together take the steps to bring a better world to the next generation.


  • By building a community of people ready to put energy and time into the project itself;

  • By offering NFTs to collectors in order to have the budget to invest in innovations and give sponsorship to future projects;

  • By giving a voice to the voiceless and claiming the rights of the defenseless, such has all living creatures in the environment;

  • By showing the world how important they are in order to see the success of this ambitious project;

  • By helping activist influencers to get known and help them build their fan base;

  • By uniting all the influencers and artists in the same space and showing the world the example to follow;

  • By promoting eco-responsible businesses around the world.

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