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Poem - Girl boss u adore

Mad Lips 21 - Lèvres Folles 21

I wrote this poem to impress a man who also writes poetry. You know that difficult feeling of falling for someone who ghosts you but still lingers around like they don't want to let you go. I was drawn to him, unsure if he was looking for just a fling or something lasting. This man is incredibly attractive; I never imagined he could be interested in me. Over time, I convinced myself he wasn't truly interested, yet his actions suggested otherwise. I tried to connect, but he ghosted me even more. In the poem, I was teasing, trying to uncover his true intentions. Every word came from the heart, and the part about wanting to roll with things—was felt deeply and meant just to let things flow naturally. I sound very confident in the poem, but in reality, I was seeking his attention because I don't always feel that confident in real life.

I'm no bad girl baby

I'm no player, you'll see

Attitude, I agree

I'll take the lead for a jiffy


First, you DM me

Then you ghost me

You came to my town

And sang on one knee


I gave you my telephony

Ask you for a coffee

Your silence chocked me

And you came back around lately


Sang songs I can relate

You are more than late

My stuff, copy that, you embrace

Honey, this body can't be paste


I feel you testing me

Bruh, I'm an NFT

You say you like me

But I've never seen your face


I'm just classy, baby

You want husband privileges

Licking you like fudges

And love all your edges


Truth being told

You and I are gold

They'll see us as bold

I just want to Roll


I won't tell you more

I got much in store

And you can't ignore

That Girl boss you adore



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