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Poem - 4 U

Poem by Mad Lips 21
NXT Rhyme

I wrote this poem a year ago, inspired by the experience of falling for someone from another world. It reflects the enduring nature of true love and the willingness to wait. Love is not about possessing someone; it's about allowing the person you love to be free. Everyone experiences pain and deserves love, and sometimes, loving someone means letting them go if they choose a different path.

This poem acknowledges the obstacles that love can present and the desire to protect your beloved from suffering. It captures the fear of how challenges might influence their feelings, even when true emotions are involved.

For you, my pace will be close to zero

I'll do it your way all the way

I submit to your tempo, despacito

The rhythm you want at the gateway


If time is your demand

I'll give you more than needed

I'll be at your command

All your wishes granted


In my dream, your name is different

You are called the angel of death

You can't be defeated

With you, I can't turn left


Don't fear the good

You can be saved

I was taught from childhood

How to be enlightened


I can't play you, my love

It can't be simple

I'm from the above

From a high temple


Truth is, the gateway is guarded

By the laws of the divine

It will be lockdown when you arrive

You open it up with a contract sign


It's God's principles I follow

That is the price to pay

For wearing a halo

Pleased to meet you, enchanté


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