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Artwork Title: Girly Polar Bear Lips



Embark on a whimsical journey with a lighthearted canvas that defies convention. In contrast to the poignant inspiration of its predecessor, this artwork invites you to revel in the joy of creation simply "Because I said so!" It's an ode to the freedom that comes with being an artist, drawing whatever brings joy and fun into life.


Creation Process:

With an unapologetic spirit, this  digital art piece emerges as a vibrant expression of the artist's playful side. Rather than drawing parallels with metal, it celebrates spontaneity and creative freedom. It's a departure from serious undertones and an embodiment of the artist's power to craft joy through their creations.


Artist's Note:

In the spirit of spontaneity and playfulness, this artwork stands as a tribute to the artist's ability to infuse life with laughter and lightness. It's a reminder that, as creators, we hold the immense power to inject fun into the world around us and inspire others to do the same.


Certificate of Authenticity:

Every acquisition of this piece comes with a certificate, affirming its unique connection to the artist's journey of self-expression and the message of joy it carries.


Why Buy:

Beyond its visual appeal, this canvas is an invitation to embrace the light side of life. It represents the artist's commitment to spreading joy and encouraging others to celebrate the simple pleasure of having fun.


Delivery Details:

Your artwork will be swiftly and securely delivered, with estimated arrival times provided during the ordering process. As part of our commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly packaging ensures minimal environmental impact. Crafted within 2 to 3 days, anticipate the arrival of your artwork within 3 to 10 days.


Maintenance Details:


Your artwork is easy to care for. In the event that the canvas gathers any dust, simply wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth. This straightforward maintenance tip ensures that your artwork remains vibrant and captivating for years to come.


After-Sales Service:

Our dedicated customer service is at your disposal to address any inquiries or concerns post-purchase. Purchase with confidence, knowing our support extends beyond the transaction.


Social Media:

Connect with us on social media to explore the artistic journey behind this artwork and discover other compelling pieces conveying the powerful message of embracing joy and spontaneity.


Be an early advocate for the celebration of fun embedded in this piece. Limited quantities are available, offering you the opportunity to bring a lighthearted masterpiece into your space and be part of a joyful narrative.

Eco-Friendly Digital Art on canvas with no frame - By Mad Lips 21

GST/HST Included
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