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The polar cap will have melted forever in the summer of the year 2035

Source of the information: National Geographic

Mad lips 21

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Mad Lips 21 digital art NFT

Mad Lips 21 is a sustainable brand based in the great city of Montreal that offers digital art for digital addicts.
We want to build a community of heroes ready to make changes in the way we consume to help the planet.

You and I can build the reality of tomorrow!



Together we can build the REALITY of tomorrow

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Welcome to the world of Mad Lips 21!

Let's talk about change. Some say the world can't be changed. Let's see it as a challenge. I think that to change the world we have to change ourselves and lead by example.

Here, you are part of a community that really cares about the issues of our real world. You will be able to exchange your ideas and make a difference in the world of tomorrow. You are welcome to express your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, and the solutions you want to bring and take part in a community that wants to bring the best in the metaverse. Here, there is an air of change and hope. Together we can conquer the world of tomorrow.

Let's be realistic, not everyone gets it. And it may be naive to believe that we can change the world, but at least I know that we can make a difference and one day we can be at peace knowing that the maximum has been brought into our lives.

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Let's give a voice to does who can't have one!


We can open the conversation, talk about the problem and the solutions and be positive. The hot topics in 2022 are climate change, the extinction of more than thousand animal species, the melting polar ice cap, the destruction of the biodiversity of the oceans on which we depend to live and more because the list is long. Fortunately, there are organizations that care about the issues facing humanity. But it's not enough!! So, let's start the movement together. Animals cannot claim their rights. Neither does the earth. But we can do it for them. Each in their own way, and collectively we can make the difference and undo climate change.


Dear followers, together we can build a great future, and we can connect exchanging about ideas on how to make the world a better place for everyone within respect. Love 

Mad lips 21

PS: I won't DM anybody to make special links for minting. See ya!!! 

Mad lips 21

Bienvenue à la communauté française!

Vous pouvez communiquer avec moi en français ou en québécois! 


Bienvenido a la comunidad español, pueden comunicarse conmigo en su idioma. ¡Hasta pronto!!- Mad Lips 21 

Mad lips 21

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Reality uploading...

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About Mad Lips 21

If a work of art would be able to change the face of our world, it would be more than a masterpiece, it would write history. — Mad Lips 21

I'm a digital art addict, creating digital art and NFTs with passion. Every piece of art that I create have deep connection to my core. They are a reflection of my inner world. I find my inspiration around me, with people that I know, with the environment. I'm committed to deliver NFTs that are one of a kind.


Here you will find NTFs :

with meaning

with high moral values

related to the issues of our society

respecting individuals

that are one of kind


that are beautiful

fun to collect or resell

that are original

made with pleasure ​



Sending love to the Universe


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