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ML21 Collection

Let's give a voice to those who don't have one

I have so much to say, but nobody is listening. I'm different, I'm not like the others. I really do care!!

If an artist could take over the world and make some changes, it would be done beautifully. I would rather die than stay silenced. The beauty of being privileged is having a voice. We need to use it and make a real change in this world. We have to change this world. It's never too late.

Let's speak out the truth and do not keep your lips seal. This NFT collection is made of lips to remember we do have the capacity of changing the reality by speaking out the truth.

No doubt that artists are the future. They need us to change this world, and we know how to make it better. We need them to survive, and together we can make this world a better place. Join my NFT world to see better with heart, mind, and soul.

The lips I draw represent unexpressed suffering. However, these lips also represent the taking back of power, the taking back of a voice to help those who cannot express themselves and defend themselves. Like animals who also have rights, but who cannot claim them. The colored lips represent the life which is so beautiful and so marvelous, but which is gradually being destroyed.

All together, we can build the reality of tomorrow.


NFT production in progress




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