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Crypta Punk Lips Collection

The Lips I draw are a reminder! We are privileged to have a voice.

This collection was made to be an NFT giveaway!
The first 500 NFTs are giveaways so the floor price is not yet available. This is perfect for you to flip. You will have strict instructions to follow in order to have your own NFT. Please stay tuned and follow me on every platform @madlips21

The Lips I draw are a reminder! We are privileged to have a voice. To be able to talk and defend the voiceless, like all the animals that are dying because of global warming. They can't talk and say how much they suffer from it. We were supposed to take care of them. But we didn't! It's never too late to do the right thing. My father told me to make sure when I speak, to make it count. I was born to be where I am, to draw at this exact moment in history and bring awareness to the world of how privileged we are. How wonderful it is to be alive, to breathe air, to eat as much as we want, to drink water, to be able to dream and wish for a better life while half of the world can't. We are killing mother nature. And one day, she will die! And mankind too!! Soon we will pay a hard price for not caring so much. It's never too late to do what is right!

We are at the beginning of a big change in the virtual world, it's about time to bring that change in the real world too! This NFT collection will be part of history! It will bring hope in the scientific field and all together show the world what NFTs are capable of.

I'm MadLips 21, I'm an NFT creator digital addict and Mother Earth ambassador
Together in the reality of tomorrow!


NFT minting in progress





Floor price

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