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Welcome dear reader,

Let me introduce myself, I am an NFT creator digital addict, but above all a citizen of the earth well concerned by climate issues. The eyes of the whole world are on the pandemic right now, and that is very understandable. In addition, many face difficulties such as violence, famines, floods, earthquakes, natural disasters and wars. All of these serious issues are matters not to be overlooked. But in order of priority, the purpose of our existence, at the base, was it not to cohabit in harmony with the animals on this planet? If we depend on the land and biodiversity to live, how can we worry about other issues, if there is no tomorrow? And if there are solutions to mitigate the consequences, isn't this a subject to put forward? I think so!

I created a concept to raise awareness of a subject that is close to my heart and to be able to set an example on a larger scale. No, I'm not perfect, but I do my best to reduce my ecological footprint. On this blog I will share with you the micro and macro changes that can be done together collectively and the daily gestures or even the biggest solutions that can be implemented to save mother earth.

How can you help me? Let's talk together, we have to talk about the subject. It must be on everyone's lips. I personally think that the efforts so far have been insufficient. And I believe that by growing a community that cares about global warming and its consequences on the future, we can together be part of creating a much more positive reality for generations to come. I think the future depends on our actions, both on a small scale and on a large scale.

What if it's already too late? Then our efforts will be in vain(…) I don't think so! I think it will be much worse if we sit idly by. And I'm made in such a way that I can't keep silent. If I'm the only one on this planet who wants to defend it, well I'll be the only one to defend it. But I personally invite you to join the movement and actively participate in the discussion and do your best to also be part of the solution and answer the question, have we done enough?

Be active on our social networks and share around you because this is how we can raise awareness and bring a wind of change. We'll talk soon!

P.S. My first language is French. I use a translator for English. So if you see errors in my texts, do not hesitate to correct me.

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