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Plastic! To solve now or tomorrow?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I have a secret to tell you… If I could breathe underwater, I would be there day and night, cleaning the bottom of the sea and fighting to preserve the biodiversity that we let die.
Plastic under the sea Lips ML-Token #34

The fate of our planet cannot be left to future generations! So what to do with plastic?

The question is thrown around the world! So here are the issues related to plastic in the environment…

The plastic that is thrown away for recycling ends up in the sea. Since the beginning of its production, since 1950, only 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled. Plastic ends up in the environment and in the food chain. In our water and food!

So several questions arise:

Is plastic really recycled?

How to eliminate plastics in the environment?

How to prevent the production of plastic?

What solutions already exist?

How to be part of the change?

These are the few questions that I would answer through various articles.

Please, let's not leave the fate of our planet to the children who today become aware of the challenges of our planet in primary school, but we as adults take the lead and make the changes that are already necessary! !

Above all, do not believe the promises made by governments. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised to eliminate and ban plastic across Canada by 2021. According to the organization Oceana, this has not been done!

Here is the promise of the Canadian government! We are responsible for our planet! We must all act and not leave the fate of the earth in the hands of a few men.


If you live in Canada:

Take action by signing a petition for the Canadian government to take action on this link:

If you live in another country, make sure that steps are taken to eliminate plastic in your area and educate as many people as possible about environmental issues.

And let's talk about solutions together! Follow me on all platforms!

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