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What I am building is a community of people that are willing to put their energy to bring some change into this world. The climate is changing, so our behavior has to change also. We need to change the way we consume.

Buffy has the badge of Brave Companion
Buffy the squirrel

In an earlier post, I was talking about Patrick that lives in Kenya, and I think Patrick shouldn’t be paying from his own pocket to bring water to animals. I think he should be full time head of a company that brings water to animals. I want to make Patrick bigger!!

That is just one example of what I wish this community would do. But in order to succeed, I need help. I need everybody.

The best way to change the world is to start doing it now! Individually and all together.

I’m not here to bring rebellion or manifest against big companies, no… I’m here to cut the bad roots. If we all change the way we consume, companies that are not eco-friendly will have to adapt. We need to start to demand better products. And I want to put forward the products that are really respecting the values of the community.

We need to be able to go buy food and not be forced to use these plastic packaging. In 1960, they started to produce plastic in this world and only 9% of it has been recycled. Sixty years of worldwide plastic is floating in the ocean or set on lands of poor countries. It’s a shame. That has to stop!

I want to bring a table where we can put everyone around and discuss the solutions and move forward. Organize what has to be done and just do it!

I mean, so the money will be there, and the people to bring solutions, the people to help, the different organizations also, all around the same table and acting now.

First, I need all the influencers that I can possibly get and decide all together to bring awareness of what has to be done and call everybody to be part of this community.

We have no time to lose. This should have been done yesterday.

So if you want to be part of the community, first follow us on every platform, subscribe to the newsletter, and talk to us and let us know the help you can give or need or ask us what can be done.

See you soon!!

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