Mothers of the world

Updated: Jun 8

A mother is irreplaceable.

We only have one. Taking care of her is important. I sincerely believe that we can judge the depth of our soul by seeing how we treat our own mother.

My mother is sick and has been for a long time. I find it difficult to see her so fragile. She has often almost died so many times that death does not scare her anymore. She had children's, she worked hard to give us the best of her abilities. She really did her best. What ingratitude would it be if I didn't give back to her.

My mother's heart is tired, and she suffers from it. And caring for her requires me to sacrifice so much in my life. There are few people in the world who know how difficult it is. Obviously the whole world thinks that to achieve real greatness is to be rich, to have it all and to be recognized in the street.

The reality is that the people on earth that are achieving real greatness are those that will probably never have social recognition. Greatness for me is when a man wakes up early in the morning and go to work. Doing a job he doesn't like, and comes back home every day after a hard day at work, to his wife that is sick and take care of her and repeat the same day until he dies. That is true greatness. Those kinds of men, that are loyal, honest and always doing what is right even if it doesn't benefit them, are great men. And there is no award for that!

But for most people, greatness is being powerful, rich, popular, and a lot of these kinds of men are manipulative and liars, and they don't care if others are happy or good in their life. The world worship those kinds of men.

My only concern in life is that most of the people that are seen has examples are not great enough and because of that the all world suffer. Being rich, powerful and popular is not the problem, it's what you do with it that matter.

We should all be worried about the way we treat our mothers and also mother earth. When a mother die, it's like if the world is falling apart. When I see my own mother being so sick, I instantly forget the world, like nothing matter beside seeing her better, beside seeing her healthy again or at least without suffering.

I know I'm not powerful, I know I'm not rich, I know I'm not popular. But I certainly am achieving true greatness in life. I know what it is to be hungry wile your friend is talking about new recipes, I know what it is to be poor wile everyone around enjoy their life. Not knowing what I'm going to eat the next day, praying for the next meal. I know what it is to worry about our loved ones in their sickness. I know what it is to be forced to choose between what's best for others despite what's best for me.

Furthermore, I know what it is to be a real man or a real woman. Likewise, I know how it feels to have dreams and to see them fade away with the reality. Not only that, but I know what death looks like, and I have seen so much suffering in my life that I know how important it is to stay healthy mentally to go thru all the bad things in life. I know how it is to battle day after day for things half of people I meet, will probably never have to battle. Also, I know the look of someone suffering in silence.

I think the world need to understand the urgency of doing the right thing. Maybe we are damn to be focused on stupid things in life. Possibly, we need to believe that everything is fine. Possibly we need to be bubbly and fake to endure our every day life. But we can't ignore our mother, especially when she suffers.

When our mother suffer, the all world stop. This is exactly what we should all do. We should stop the stupid things we are doing and care about our mother.

I hate when people say, you have to focus on the good things in life, be positive. Absolutely, when you are the reason of your own drama. And also the law of attraction is what brings you what you have in life. Go tell that to some little 2 years old kid fighting cancer. And I hate when people think that in life you can't be grateful because if you are satisfied with what you have, you will never grow or move forward. Well, being grateful and satisfied are two different things. Being grateful brings you happiness in life on whatever level you are in the society. And being satisfied is something that has to be balanced in life. And don't get me wrong, I'm the most positive person I know. And I guess I feel kind of grouchy right now. But who wouldn't be after seeing your own mom suffering.

What I really want to say is when you are in front of a battle in life. It's not the time to play victim, or pretend that everything will be fine, thinking someone else will do what's right. When things go wrong in life, it's time to fight.

And throughout the history of mankind, hate has been the main motivation in this world. We should be scared of being stupid. Because this is exactly what we are when we let the world destroy our planet.

Nobody has the drive and the desire to make the change has I do. And I know I'm on the good path. What is the best word in life? Some people would say Love. I think the best word is Help, because helping is the word love in action.

So, if you want to achieve greatness in life, if you want to be a real man or be a real women take care of your mother, show compassion to the poor. Be grateful about the little things in life. Also, open your eyes on the reality and fix what is wrong and don't be stupid enough, so you have to make the same mistake of others. Be smart! 99% of us won't ever be famous, but if one day you become one of the privileged in this world, don't forget what is true greatness ever.

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