Knock down paper towels, tissues and toilet paper!

To understand my distress, you have to know how kitchen towels, tissues, and toilet paper are made. Since 1907 we have been using paper towels which are insoluble in water, which are not recyclable and very environmentally unfriendly. Isn't it time for a change?

Single-use tissues are responsible for the intensive felling of trees. To respond to environmental protection attacks, the Kleenex company says it uses more recycled paper than virgin fibre. Really?

As for the toilet paper thrown into the pipes, this would increase the rate of organic matter to be treated in the treatment plants and would involve the use of more chemicals. It's estimated that 70% of the world's population rinses with water instead of using toilet paper, so this is a very good solution for developed countries. In some countries, toilet paper is a luxury that very few can afford. Here in Canada, at the start of the pandemic, people pounced on toilet paper, leaving rows of shelves empty in every store. Isn't that insane?

Yesterday, I was watching television and I came across an advertisement for the Kruger company which promotes paper towels, tissue paper and toilet paper. You know, the same kind of bullshit announcement of happy people wasting paper made from trees that we so desperately need to breathe. As if these products were part of our society and allow us to continue our luxurious lifestyle of privileged people! I would be frankly disappointed if there are people who fall into the trap of believing that these products would make them happy.

And so I asked myself the question, what products exist on the market today that meet my core values? What products can replace others to help me significantly reduce my ecological footprint. Since I want to inspire people to change their behaviour, I have to offer a solution to the problem.

I live in Canada, so the products I'm going to tell you about are from here. But I am sure that other products like the ones I want to introduce to you are available in your country or on online shopping sites. I want to tell you that I am not affiliated with any company present in my article. It's just a little conversation between you and me.

So for paper towels, it's easy to replace paper towels with rags. My mother used to scrap old towels. But I said to myself, since we are being sold a way of life, an aspiration to a life of luxury… So we have to look in the same vein. That's what sells, right?

When going to buy my food, in some stores there is an organic section. And I came across reusable paper towels. The product must be able to replace up to 17 conventional paper towel rolls. It sells in a pack of three, and they are not rolls, but squares. And I thought to myself: - But wait! Three paper towels for $19.99 + taxes. It's really too expensive!

And I thought to myself, I'm going to buy it, and I'm going to try them and compare the prices with conventional paper towels. And compare the two products at the same time. So I went to the Costco website. They sell the 12-pack of Kirkland brand paper towels for $23.99 + taxes. So if I compare the two prices. The equivalent of 17 conventional paper towels at Costco is $33.99 + tax.

So for the price, reusable paper towel 1, conventional paper towel 0.

Reusable paper towels are made of absorbent natural fibre, compostable in 28 days. 70% Cellulose and 30% cotton. They are machine washable and should dry flat. Conventional paper towels are not reusable, and I focused on the Kruger company which plans to make long-term changes to become more eco-responsible between here and 2030, it is now that we must aim for changes by the way!!! The earth will already need more than good intentions. Polar cap will be melt forever in the year 2040.

Countdown : The polar cap will have melted forever in the year 2040

Do not rely on the promises of manufacturers. Our planet is already dying, and it is the consumer who has the power to decide. They want to be seen as a trusted company, so stop killing our planet… That's what will earn my trust. These are empty promises to stay in the game, I say. Conventional paper towels are not recyclable, but they are also compostable in the event that it has only absorbed organic matter. I will try the reusable paper towels for 3 weeks and I will make a video on YouTube to give my impressions of the product.

2030 is not soon enought !

As for tissue paper… Didn't we once have our names engraved on delicate handkerchiefs? It would be, for me, a luxury accessory of much greater prestige than single-use paper made with the lungs of our planet. Let's see if some people are dedicated to designing reusable handkerchiefs… I went to see on Etsy and indeed there are reusable handkerchiefs with very affordable prices. If you do the math, using reusable tissues is much more profitable in the long run than buying single-use tissue paper. I invite you to go see for yourself on I know these are not easy changes to make, especially if you're like me and have lived your whole life using products like Kruger offers. But with intelligence and heart by changing the way we consume, we can help our planet and return to what we should have been, that is to say, beings who live in harmony with mother earth.

And as for toilet paper… Please be resourceful. I myself, I am sewing pieces of bath towel fabric that I cut into squares. And I bought two baskets, one for clean toilet tissue and one for used ones. And instead of forcing water purification companies to clean for me with their chemicals, I do it myself with ecological cleaning products. It's as simple as that. This is a radical change perhaps for some, but in poor countries it is a very common practice. So why not gain ingenuity and set an example for developing countries.

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