Is Bill Gates the solution?

Updated: May 18

Dear reader,

Yesterday I came across the Bill Gates website. On certain subjects he addresses, I have a particular opinion. I must say that I agree with the intention and the fact of moving forward with innovation and making solutions accessible to all countries to reduce the effects of global warming. But creating plants that can survive drought? What I hear here is GMO!! Creating a solution by creating a problem is very little for me. I think we should try to find solutions to make water accessible. I think of this man who pays out of his own pocket to give water to lots of animals in Kenya. Isn't that more reasonable?

That only one man is involved, shows that we are very far behind logic and common sense. Nevertheless, I commend Bill Gates for his long term plans! And it is true that he sets an example and succeeds in bringing geniuses together to find solutions for a better future. But in my opinion, it is not fast and efficient enough.

I was able to read an excerpt from his book on his blog. I give you the link at the end of my article. He invites people to put pressure on governments, so on that, I think that's a plus for those who believe that human governments can be one of the solutions. What spoke to me a lot was when he invites people to change the way they consume.

Nowadays, everything depends on supply and demand. The companies in the market are not there to save the world. And so they are going to sell us non-ecological products just because the demand is great and nobody is pushing for a better product. On the fact of changing behaviour on this, I fully agree! I am thinking of many things, like the fact that more than half of the food products purchased have plastic packaging. People think of straws and water bottles, but it's not just that!

And every good citizen thinks they are collaborating by recycling, but our recycling is given to poor countries in exchange for money, puts our recycling on land that can be cultivated. And they are thrown into the sea and the cycle continues. Only because in the developed countries, they do not understand that we already have to make changes in our ways of consuming and perhaps sacrifice a little comfort for the good of humanity. That being said, I am engaged in the same fight as Bill Gates, we probably have different opinions, but the intention must come from the heart. And if he is able to inspire people to do what they can to reduce the effects of the big problem, I would be very happy.

In my humble opinion, Bill Gates is not the only solution. The effort must be collective and immediately! We need more people like Patrik !


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