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Intuition: A Mysterious Light in the World of Art , Creativity and Perception

Today, I want to talk about personalities, art, and my perception of life. More precisely, about the MBTI test. This test is a psychological tool that has greatly helped me as an artist. I believe that creativity and self-knowledge go hand in hand. Knowing oneself, accepting oneself, and loving oneself allow us to be more confident in our art and to embrace a style that is uniquely our own and that we genuinely enjoy.

Creativity enables us to truly connect with people when we express our personality and emotions in a pure manner. This is not the case for all artists. However, I must tell you that it is more challenging to take pride in something that does not reflect who we are. Art is, in any case, an extension of ourselves through time and space. Art is a form of manipulated energy, and in my opinion, it is unthinkable for me to create without infusing it with something personal.

Creativity and art is an intimate gesture that expresses invisible feelings to the eye. That being said, I have taken the MBTI personality test, and I am among the rarest personality types on the planet. I am pleased to know that I am unique, but at the same time, I feel a vast divide between me and others. I fully identify with the INFJ personality type. It is hard to believe that I discovered this only a few years ago. What I find most fascinating about my personality is my intuition. Before, I did not understand my heightened intuition, nor did I listen to it. Then, during my years of marriage, I realized how accurate my intuition was. I have a gift, which I cannot yet explain. Some speak of clairvoyance, while others may call it psychic abilities. However, I was born to a very down-to-earth father who had a highly scientific and logical side. My view is that there must be a logical and scientific explanation for this ability.

How could I explain it? A woman's intuition is sharper than that of men. So, if that is the case, the intuition of a female INFJ is on a divine level. Inexplicably, I am connected to the unconscious minds of those around me. I can feel people's emotions as if they were my own. I can guess the intentions behind every gesture, every word, and every glance. I can see people behind their masks. I have often been told that my gaze can transcend the soul. However, while I can see them clearly, like looking into the depths of a stream, others find it difficult to understand me. I remain a mystery to others, and this makes me extremely misunderstood. I am accustomed to it, but it is difficult to be a mystery to oneself.

Lips  about light and darkness
Enlightening Lips

How can I put it... Everything is made of energy. Even inanimate objects emit energy. Animals also perceive this very well. They can recognize a predator from prey based on energy. Animals can sense an approaching tsunami they cannot see. Thanks to their connection to the energy of nature, they can detect danger. I think that, in some way, my intuition is linked to the surrounding beings. My two parents were never people who openly expressed their feelings. I always had to guess. My mother does not need to speak to me, and I know everything she feels. This is a skill I had to develop as a survival mechanism.

Children so desperately need a strong connection with their parents for survival, and as a result, I inadvertently extended this ability to the rest of the world. I see the world and categorize people differently from others. It is impossible for me to see the world any other way. I am incapable of categorizing people based on their social status or net worth. I categorize people based on their thought patterns. I am very attuned to the psychological behaviours of others, and it is a strength for me. I am the kind of person who can watch a movie and already know how it will end. And this is just one facet of my personality.

Thanks to this ability, I can easily predict people's behaviour. I can make mistakes, but those who have known me intimately will tell you that it rarely happens. My ability to perceive people deeply can be irritating to some who are not ready to confront their own truth. Some do not know who they are, and I see them clearly. I have learned to keep my observations to myself and only reveal them when the situation requires it. Knowing this, some approach me in silence, fearing that I will expose their entire being. But I also see that, and my deep respect for the feelings of others compels me to remain discreet. I could continue to talk about this subject, knowing well that I will forever remain a mystery to others.

So why am I sharing this with the world today?

Because I am alone in the world. If my life were to end tomorrow, I would have no one to share who I am with. And I believe it is good to be vulnerable, even though I have a platform to express who I am through my art. Perhaps for some, this has no value, but I know that others can identify with what I write and, in some way, feel less alone. Solitude can be beneficial for transformation. Butterflies transform enclosed in their cocoon. But solitude, as beneficial as it can be, comes with its disadvantages.

In summary, for me, art is an extension of my being and brings many benefits. The more I create, the more I understand myself. And the more I understand myself, the more confident I become. People often do not understand me, even when I quickly analyze them. And I think that solitude is a necessary step in pursuing success as an artist.

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