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Updated: May 6

YES!! 500 NFTs to go!! Make sure you follow the instructions to secure your own NFT!!

This crazy NFT giveaway is like no any other NFT giveaway in the NFT world!!

About Crypta Punk Lips Collection

The Lips I draw are a reminder! We are privileged to have a voice. To be able to talk and defend the voiceless, like all the animals that are dying because of global warming. They can't talk and say how much they suffer from it. We were supposed to take care of them. But we didn't! It's never too late to do the right thing. My father told me to make sure when I speak, to make it count. I was born to be where I am, to draw at this exact moment in history and bring awareness to the world of how privilege we are. How wonderful it is to be alive, to breathe air, to eat has mush as we want, to drink

water, to be able to dream and wish for a better life wile haft of the world can't. We are killing mother nature. And one day, she will die! And mankind too!! Soon we will pay a hard price for not caring so much.

It's never too late to do what is right! We are at the beginning of a big change in the virtual world, it's about time to bring that change in the real world too! This NFT collection will be part of history! It will bring hope in the scientific field and all together show the world what NFTs are capable of.

I'm MadLips 21, I'm an NFT creator digital addict and Mother Earth ambassador.

Together in the reality of tomorrow!

How to get an NFT?

Very simple, you will have to follow instructions! If all the instructions are not followed, You wont have the NFT you ordered ! ( Mistake = No Priority ) So pay attention... ****Details will follow!

To resume, here is what you will have to do!

  1. You will have to follow us on the platform bellow according to your amount of followers on TikTok

  2. You will have to make a video on TikTok

  3. Answer the google form we made

Instructions to follow:

  1. According to the amount of the followers you have on TikTok, you will have to follow us on these platforms:

Example: If you have 12k followers on your account on TikTok, you only need to follow us on Twitter, discord and TikTok. But if you have only 800 followers on TikTok, you will need to follow us on every other platform. However, you are welcome to follow us on all the platform you desire, but for the NFT giveaway few are required.


and take the time you need to do it right***

2. You will have to make a video on TikTok:

****You can also duet a video I made on TikTok instead of making a new one! (see link bellow)

(Follow the instructions, don't miss one!!)

  • You will have to make a video of you or someone or something, shaking their butt, dancing;

  • For the video you will have to use the sound of the video I made (see links bellow);

  • In the video you will have to write these key words: Shaking my butt for global warming!

  • In the video you will have to tag my TikTok account: (@madlips21) ****I will like an comment all videos ;

  • In the video you will have to write our website in the comment section(;

  • In the video you will show the NFT of our collection (Crypta Punk Lips Collection) you like the most (go see the link to Opensea down bellow and then click right to any NFT to save it on your computer or make a screen shut )

Be original! Be funny! Be bold!! Give it a meaning!! There is 3 prices to win besides the NFT you will get for the video!

So you may have 2 NFTs!! If a video happen to fall into more then 1 category, you will have only 1 price so we give other the opportunity to win a special NFT.

  • 1 special NFT for the most liked video

  • 1 special NFT for the most funniest video

  • 1 special NFT for the most original video

3. Answer the google form we made:

You have to make sure there is no mistake on your form or on the video you made. If there is a mistake we will communicate with you only one time! You can correct your form by using the same link. Make sure you give us the right wallet address and never give to anyone your Wallet key phrase. We WON'T be communicating with you in private for special minting EVER.

Please note: First to arrive, first to be served. The amount of followers on your TikTok account will give you priority on the NFT you would like, but if the instructions where not followed, if there is any mistake on the form and you don't answer us under 30 hours, you wont have the NFT you order first, but you will have the one available once you correct your mistake. If someone else followed the instructions correctly, and want the same NFT you ordered, they will have the NFT you like, if you don't answer within 30 hours after we wrote to you.

The NFT received has a giveaway wont give you access to the Badge of Magnate of the community unless it has been sold to the minimum amount equivalent to $150,000 US.

The NFT holder can't receive the badge if the NFT has been transfer onto an POW blockchain. It has to remain on POS Polygon blockchain in order to receive the Magnate Badge. #NFTrevolution

The safety of the planet is our priority!


Opensea Market place: TikTok video (use the sound - Too Hot, Jason Derulo):

Video TikTok

or duet this one:

Video TikTok Google form link: Google Form

Twitter: Follow

TikTok: Follow

Discord: Join Instagram: Follow

Facebook Page: Follow

YouTube: Follow

Pinterest: Follow


For any questions, meet us on Discord!!

*****You probably want to read more about this collection:

Crypta Punk Lips Collection the beginning of the journey!

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