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How to make an NFT eco friendly?

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As you could read in one of my post, a single Ethereum transaction have a major impact on the environment. But there is some good news! You can use Polygon, if you are on Opensea you can easily create a new collection by choosing Polygon instead of Ethereum.

Currently, Ethereum is making changes to please artist like you and me who care about the BIG problem, global warming. Their goal is to make Ethereum proof of stake.

But until then we got to find a solution, right?

Since you are probably new at this, I will show you step by step how to make your new collection base on Polygon if you are using the Opensea Market! I used my cell phone on this tutorial, but it's the same steps if you are using a computer.

Step by step process to an ECO friendly NFT below:

1. You go on

2. You click on create

3. Then you scroll down to chose a collection but, if it's you first time you don't have any collection yet. You click on the information button.

4.Then click on manage you collections here

5. Then you scroll down on Blockchain section and by default it is on Ethereum. Click on Ethereum and you then chose Polygon.

So now you can be very proud because you use mush less energy during the transaction.

I suggest you go on the Polygon blog and see for yourself.

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