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How to become a hero?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

In this world, we are lacking true heroes. I personally think we need more of them. That is why I decided to write this article. I don’t consider myself being a hero, but I certainly know how to become one.

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I think everyone can become a hero for maybe a small group of people. Others might get social recognition, but true heroism is not there to get all the attention, but to make this world a better place.

So I thought of making a list of what I think a person needs in order to become a true hero. The thing is, rarely a hero has all of it at once. But surely he manifested all of them in a lifetime.

A hero is a true leader

A true leader cares for others, they respect other people's opinion and feelings even if they don’t make their business what other people think of them or their actions, unless it’s serving the mission. A true leader is aware of what can benefit his people and is ready to do what others are scared to do in order to serve his people. A hero is there to serve, not to be served. A true leader is not trying to be popular, but he truly wants the best of his people and he is ready to work hard for it. A true hero is kind and knows how to make good decisions.

Heroes are scared too

Being scared is part of the job. The difference with a hero, is that being scared doesn’t stop him from moving forward before danger or before his own weaknesses. A true hero is brave and knows that his mind is his only obstacle. A hero can be scared, but never show it. Being scared is normal, but a true hero is fearless.

They can be broken

When you go through so many fights in life, when the decision-making is getting heavy, when you make mistakes, sometimes your heart gets broken. Being broken is part of being a warrior. But like everything in life, time is the cure and true heroes know how to put themselves back together and continue their mission.

A hero is a free spirit

A hero is like a savage horse, the beauty of his mind is when you set them free. They don’t fit, they are different, and they set the standard high and become the example to follow in every sphere of the society. Don’t try to trick them into doing what you want them to do, because they will seek justice and make you regret it.

They know how to find peace

A true hero knows how to find inner peace and make peace with others. The best war is the one that never get to start. And worrying about others is the essence of a true hero. Finding inner peace will help to prepare a true hero to face a crisis.

A true hero protect the weak

Heroes are not the enemy. Heroes are those we can trust to get the mission accomplished. Their conscience is educated, and they truly want the best outcomes for everyone. Heroes recognize others weaknesses and work hard to be their strength.

A true hero uses his power for greater good

The true hero will always use his power for the greater good. They really don’t think that every measure can be justified with the outcome. Their intentions are always Honorable. They know how to use their power, when to use it and when not to.

Heroes know their weaknesses

A true hero recognizes his weaknesses, and he is capable when he is ready to work on them. Being humble is not just a matter of attitude, it can show in our actions. Sometimes people won't see a hero as a hero just yet. It’s only after the mission is accomplished with greatness that we recognize a true hero.

I really hope you can find yourself in what I wrote, and I know you can be a hero. I want to be a hero too. Likewise, I have a mission ! My mission is to inspire people to change behavior and help the planet. I have weaknesses too, and I’m probably the hero of just one person at this moment. But all together, we can make this world a better place for everyone.

Let me know what you think of it in the comment section.

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