Crypta Punk Lips Collection - The beginning of the journey

Updated: May 9

Crypta Punk Lips Collection is a collection in which the first 500 NFTs are to go for free!!

This is a huge, big fat underground NFT giveaway passed by word of mouth. It's an Eco-friendly NFT dedicated to mother earth. To enter the NFT giveaway click here.

You want to sell that NFT for sure, so it's time for you to teach your buyers how to get some Polygon ETH low cost. Because this entire collection is built on Polygon.

I decided to make an NFT Giveaway because I want to grow a community that brings awareness to the world. The awareness is about our future and the fate of this planet. We need to act NOW. I’m counting on your support to make this community a success.

The first 500 NFTs are free, and the floor price will be determined by the resellers. In order to make sure that the buyers on the secondary market get the full privilege of being an NFT holder, the NFTs have to stay on Polygon’s blockchain. Polygon is a blockchain that is Eco friendly, and the NFTs I made have to stay Eco friendly in order to give meaning to that collection.

Pay attention to all the instructions I will give, in order to secure your own NFT and start to make money, otherwise you will lose the possibility to get the NFT you prefer.

Are there any other NFTs coming for this Collection?

Absolutely, because here we are at the beginning of a journey and I won't promise a number of NFTs, but as long as this collection will be a success, there will always be more and more NFTs.

Hopefully, the first sale will give me the support I need to update my tools and make much better and more beautiful NFTs along the way.

The fate of the planet is a matter that is near to my heart, and I want to make this community a success for mother earth. I invested time and energy, even if I see that the interest in mother earth in the NFT world is not at its highest right now. I’m giving all of me and my resources to this project.

The instructions will be available very soon, so stay tuned.


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