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About us

Mad Lips 21 is full of things! It is not only the name of the artist behind it, but it is also a company involved in solutions to climate issues and also an eco-responsible digital art online shop. We are also in WEB 3.0


We are a start-up company and we want to offer eco-responsible products. We care about the future of the next generations and we want to make a difference in the reality of tomorrow.


To know the little story, the idea behind Mad Lips 21 started from a tragedy in the life of the artist. Julie Guay, the digital artist and founder of the company, lost her father who had leukemia in 2019. And he left her the burden of caring for her mother who is disabled with serious health problems. Her grief left her speechless for several months. But Julie is a fighter and has regained a taste for life by doing what excites her the most, drawing. Climate issues have always been a subject close to her heart and are reflected in all the works she draws. Because the works she creates represent unexpressed suffering, but also the resumption of power where silence is broken. The works also highlight that animals and nature have no voice and cannot defend their rights. And to her works, Julie Guay wishes to give a voice to those who have none. 


Silence is a sound some can’t hear. - Mad Lips 21


Our mission is to inspire people to make changes in their ways of consuming and to offer a community to the next generations so that we can together listen to the solutions and find the means to put them in place. We believe that art can play a very important role in the mission we have given ourselves.


We are always looking for the best internal practices for an eco-responsible company. As long as our suppliers offer it, we always opt for eco-friendly packaging to satisfy our customers. Our partners are also companies that target the sustainable market. We believe that if we want to change the world, we must start by leading by example.


We are targeting the virtual reality market (WEB 3.0). We have a vision for the future and want to collaborate with companies that are also in the digital market for future projects.


Whether you are an art lover or an entrepreneur, you are invited to contact us for future collaborations.

Read the biography of the artist in our online boutique: Biography of the artist

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